My back-to-school wish list

I wish for politicians that prioritize public schools. Not charters, not vouchers. Public. Schools.

I wish for politicians that lead by positive example – politicians that my kids can look up to, rather than fear.

I wish for an end to ICE raids, so that my kids don’t have to live with the constant fear of being sent to a detention camp or having their parents taken away from them.

I wish for anti-racist, criminal justice reforms, because we’ve already lost too many young, black Americans to police brutality and mass incarceration.

I wish for truly equitable school funding and school integration – because our schools are still extremely segregated, and the schools that serve black and brown children are criminally underfunded.

I wish for gun reform, so that my students and I don’t have to practice lockdown drills or fear for our lives coming to school every morning.

I wish for preventative mental health screenings for all of my kids, because I am not qualified to help suicidal students, but that’s a big part of my job right now.

I wish for sufficiently heated and cooled classrooms, because no one should have to teach or learn in a classroom that’s over 100 degrees or under 40 (and this problem is only going to get worse as climate change increases).

I wish for swift, radical climate reforms, so that our students have a planet they can grow old on.

I wish for both gendered and gender-neutral bathrooms so that all of my kids can feel safe, regardless of their gender expression or sexual orientation.

I wish for a cultural shift from victim-blaming and shaming to belief and support, because ending sexual assault and human trafficking begins with believing and supporting victims.

I wish for art, music, and dance for all kids, because it’s hard to be a human without an understanding of the humanities.

I wish for internet media education so that my kids become smart, informed consumers of online media, and are the first line of defense against trolls and cyberbullies.

I wish for my kids to have a library, so that they can learn to love reading as much as I do.

I wish for kids’ basic school supplies to be provided by the school, because I know that a good majority of them can’t afford to buy their own supplies.

I wish for a raise in the minimum wage so that my students’ parents only need to work forty hours a week to support their families, thereby giving them the opportunity to be more present in their kids’ lives.

I wish for an end to common core and standardized-testing mania, so that my kids can understand that their value is not, and will not ever be, a number.

I wish for a public healthcare system, so that everyone can afford high-quality care. I’ve seen too many children orphaned by preventable, treatable diseases.

I wish for stricter regulations of drug manufacturers, because the ease of access to opioids is killing parents and students alike.

I wish for a robust food stamp program and an end to lunch shaming, because no kid should ever have to go hungry or feel bad about not being able to afford food. 

I wish for strong teachers’ unions and strong teacher voices, because better teaching conditions always equal better learning conditions.

What do you wish for? #clearthelists

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